Short Courses

The SBSeg Short Courses aim to address relevant topics that are generally not taught in the curricula of undergraduate courses, in addition to arousing interest in the area of security among academics and professionals, which may be of a practical or theoretical nature. Priority is given to current issues with the greatest potential to attract the interest of young students and professionals, in order to better qualify them for their research and/or job market. Each mini-course must be structured for a total of three hours of online presentation.

Important Dates

  • Short Courses Registration: May 31, 2021 June 25, 2021
  • Short Courses Submission: June 07, 2021 June 25, 2021
  • Author Notification: July 05, 2021 July 12, 2021
  • Camera-ready: August 23, 2021 September 06, 2021
  • Event: October 04 to 07, 2021

Topics of Interest

Same of the Main Track.

Instructions to Authors

Professors/researchers interested in teaching a short course must submit a proposal, written in Portuguese, containing between 3 and 5 pages (excluding CVs, item 6 below), with the following information:

  1. Identification data - Title of the short course, authors, institution(s) and indication of the author who will present the course;
  2. General data - Course objectives, treatment of the topic (for example: theoretical or practical; general results or in-depth analysis of specific aspects; presentation or comparison of technologies; formation of new skills or information, etc.) and desired profile of the audience;
  3. Expected text structure (topics/chapters to be developed);
  4. For each chapter/topic provided for in item 3, write a summary of its content and a forecast of the respective number of pages;
  5. Main bibliography used in the preparation of the course;
  6. Authors' summarized curriculum vitae (maximum one page per author).

All the information above must be contained in only one document (a file in PDF format) to be submitted exclusively through the system SBC JEMS . The following criteria will be considered in the evaluation: relevance and topicality of the theme for the event, technical quality of the proposal and experience of the proponents in the proposed theme. The best proposals on different topics will be accepted for presentation and publication. In order to ensure the diversity of the short courses offered, the selected proposals will deal with different themes.

The authors of the selected proposals must produce a text (book chapter) in Portuguese containing between 40 and 50 pages. The texts will be published, in the form of chapters, in the book "Minicursos SBSeg 2021". The model for publishing the book chapter is available on the SBC portal.

SBSeg 2021 will take place in the online format, therefore, the presentations of the short courses accepted will occur remotely. All short course articles accepted should be presented in a structured online format for a total of three hours by at least 1 co-author of the article.

Program Committee

Aldri dos Santos
Alysson Bessani
(Universidade de Lisboa)
Diogo Mattos
Eduardo Feitosa
Eduardo Souto
Eduardo Viegas
Igor Moraes
Jean Martina
Luiz Rust
Marcos Simplicio
Raul Ceretta
Ricardo Dahab
Routo Terada

Organization Committee

Coordination of Short Courses
Altair Santin (PUC-PR)

General Coordination of SBSeg 2021
Roberto Samarone Araujo (UFPA)
Antônio Abelém (UFPA)

CESeg Coordination
Michele Nogueira (UFMG)
Igor Moraes (UFF)

SBSeg 2021 is an initiative of Brazilian Computer Society (SBC).