XV Workshop on Scientific Initiation and Undergraduate Works (WTICG)

The Workshop on Scientific Initiation and Undergraduate Works (WTICG), an event that is part of the Brazilian Symposium on Information Security and Computer Systems (SBSeg), aims to encourage the participation of undergraduate students and recent graduates in the production and dissemination of works on topics related to the areas of information security and computer systems. WTICG 2021 will be held in conjunction with SBSeg 2021, during the week of October 4 to 7, 2021, online.

Important Dates

  • Paper Registration: June 28, 2021 July 23, 2021 (Hard deadline)
  • Submission Deadline: July 05, 2021 July 23, 2021 (Hard deadline)
  • Author Notification: August 16, 2021 August 30, 2021
  • Camera-ready: August 30, 2021 September 14, 2021
  • Event: October 04 to 07, 2021

Topics of Interest

The same of the Main Track.

Instructions to Authors

Submissions to WTICG 2021 may be submitted by regularly enrolled undergraduate students or recent graduates who have completed the course as of July 1, 2020 . The undergraduate student or recent graduate must prove your status with appropriate documentation, sent together with the work submission. Authors are invited to submit Scientific Initiation (IC) papers, software implementations, and independent projects, completed in the years 2020 and 2021 or nearing completion, which was developed during graduation; and course completion works (TCC) completed or nearing completion. Completed works must be submitted in the “Complete work” category, while works in progress must be submitted in the “Posters” category. Undergraduate students or recent graduates who have their work accepted at WTICG will have their enrollment in SBSeg subsidized by CESeg Student Grants, a program of the Special Commission on Information and Computer Systems Security (CESeg) of the Brazilian Computer Society, which aims to encourage student participation in WTICG.

Articles must be submitted in the categories: complete and short. The submission of articles will be exclusively electronic, through the system JEMS from SBC. Articles can be written in Portuguese or in English and must be submitted only in PDF format, following the SBC model for publication of articles, available at SBC portal. The articles to be submitted to the WTICG must represent works with unpublished content. Articles in the review process or published in other conferences or magazines are not allowed to submit. Each article is limited to 14 pages (full article) and 8 pages (short article), including abstract, figures, diagrams, and references. Attachments are allowed but should not appear in the final version if they exceed the page limits of the respective categories.

The criteria for judging the works will be originality, relevance, presentation, results, and technical quality. The selected articles by the evaluation committee will be published (in digital medium) if at least one of the authors is registered for the event and presents the work.

The evaluation committee will choose the best among the complete works and the posters presented at the event by students or recent graduates.

Program Committee

Altair Olivo Santin
Emerson Ribeiro de Mello
Arlindo L. Marcon Jr
Ewerton Andrade
Carla Merkle Westphall
Gerson Castro
(Tempest Security Intelligence)
Carlo Silva
Igor Moraes
Carlos da Silva
(Sheffield Hallam University)
Jean Martina
Cintia Margi
Jefferson Ricardini
Daniel Batista
João Gondim
Danilo Curvelo
Juliano Kazienko
Dianne Medeiros
Luiz Fernando Rust da Costa Carmo
Diego Kreutz
Marco Aurelio Amaral Henriques
Edelberto Silva
Michelle Wangham
Edna Canedo
Marjory Da Costa Abreu
(Sheffield Hallam University)
Eduardo Feitosa
Rafael Obelheiro
Eduardo Souto
Renato Borseti
Ricardo Dahab
Natalia Castro Fernandes

Organization Committee

XV WTICG Coordination
Eduardo Feitosa (UFAM)

General Coordination of SBSeg 2021
Roberto Samarone Araujo (UFPA)
Antônio Abelém (UFPA)

CESeg Coordination
Michele Nogueira (UFMG)
Igor Moraes (UFF)

SBSeg 2021 is an initiative of Brazilian Computer Society (SBC).